Collaborative Social Network to
Get Faster and Better Feedback

The all-new Tiinkk is a collaborative social network that lets you give and get better, more meaningful feedback on anything you post!

Take a picture or two, tag friends, then publish your post – and instantly get real data on exactly what your friends and followers think.

Share instantly all over social media and tag your friends on other networks – without ever leaving Tiinkk.

Coming to the App Store soon – it’s easy, fun and totally free!


Our People

Joshua Winterton
Joshua Winterton

Joshua Winterton

Founder & CEO

Josh is our fearless leader and the visionary behind Tiinkk. Launching his own successful development company three years ago at the tender age of 20, he's now determined to expand its reach to help people and businesses get truly useful information behind their online interactions.

Andrea La-Rosa
Andrea La-Rosa

Andrea La-Rosa

Head of Community

Andrea is the company's social media guru and the person primarily responsible for making sure our ever-growing community runs like a well-oiled machine. Coming from a diverse tech background, Andrea wears many hats here at Tiinkk. (Both figuratively and literally. She's a hat person.)

Download Tiinkk

Download Tiinkk free from the App Store (Android is coming soon). Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account, or sign up with your email. You’ll be good to go in under a minute!